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Doll Maker

Looking for a doll maker?

At Mints and Mills, we create elegant, beautiful, and fun dolls. The attention to detail is evident in each unique ballerina and forest creature we create. The owner, who designs and fills the doll maker role, makes all of our dolls by hand and will make special orders.
These handmade dolls are delicate, beautiful pieces of art, each with its own unique personality. Handmade dolls have been collectible for hundreds of years. Most people are introduced to dolls as young children and get a jolt of nostalgia every time they see a handmade doll. It takes them back to their childhoods, where they were free to run around and play without having to deal with the everyday stressors of adult life.

Finding a doll maker who has the skill of Mints and Mills is not easy. The creative genius that goes into each new doll is hard to replicate. She takes the time to design each doll and create its unique personality as she sews the fabric. No two dolls are alike, nor should they be. Each doll is one of a kind.

Our doll maker is a designer with experience in theatrical arts focusing on sets and costumes. Her background led her to the creation of Mints and Mills, and each one of her creations holds her wonderful (and sometimes whimsical) personality. After ruminating on the idea of creating her own handmade dolls for a while, she took the step to open Mints and Mills a few years ago and is now proud to call herself a doll maker.

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