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Doll Maker Near Me

Did you need a custom made doll from a “doll maker near me?”

Each custom made doll Mints and Mills creates is wholly original and one of a kind. Custom requests are always appreciated, just send an email with the details, and we will happily customize one for you.

Have you been searching for a “doll maker near me” on the internet? If so, you may have come across our site. Lucky you! The custom made dolls available from Mints and Mills are all one of a kind, and each design comes alive with its own unique character.

Bright, warm colors and soft fabrics help create the welcoming look of our dolls, from the ballerinas to the forest creatures. As each doll comes together, they are filled with the personality and character of the design board and the Gouache painting that helps bring the story to life. Whether it’s a beautiful mouse ballerina wrapped in elegant tulle, or a feisty fox wearing a cardigan and skirt, each doll offered will deliver excitement and joy to the new owner.

A quote from the designer: “I love creating characters, and I truly enjoy the process from research to final creation. After I search for concepts, I start with a drawing to a Gouache painting, swatch for fabrics, and then... Voila!”

Bringing her passion for the arts and her work as a set and costume designer and combining them with her love of fabrics makes perfect sense that she would be a fantastic doll maker. Reach out to us with your custom designs you are interested in, and she will go above and beyond your expectations.

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