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Interior Design

Handmade dolls are perfect for interior design.

Interior design is a vital part of turning your house into your home. You want it to be inviting yet elegant. As one of the more popular interior design styles is a minimalist, vintage look. Vintage interior design is a very crisp, clean, and elegant display of furniture, designs, and decorative accents. A focus on minimal clutter throughout the home keeps everything looking clean and classic. This design style features a variety of shelves throughout the home, which are used to showcase vintage, classic accessories, such as a unique handmade doll.

Vintage interior design is a spectacular style to showcase your unique items. Ensure the proper placement of your accessories to keep everything looking elegant and to avoid any cluttering. Clean, crisp lines and decorative accents will add to your overall décor, and adding your favorite handmade doll as a constant companion on a couch or shelf is a perfect way to add just enough playfulness to your home.

If you’ve been searching for a high end gift to give, think of Mints and Mills handcrafted dolls. Our items are luxurious, unique, and one of a kind. These dolls make the perfect addition to an interior design style, giving the recipient flexibility on where and how to display them. These dolls are at home on the couch, a shelf, snuggled onto a bed, or in a fluffy chair. They will make themselves at home anywhere you place them and will bring a sense of playful joy to the room.

At Mints and Mills, our dolls bring a sense of wonder and joy into the life of everyone around them. With such unique styles and designs, each one has its own personality and character. There is never a better time than right now to order yours, so reach out to us today and add a new member to your family.

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