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Kids Room Decoration

Forest creatures are the perfect fit as a nursery decoration.

Our dolls need to be seen. When you start your nursery decoration, you couldn’t go wrong with one of our handmade dolls. They work well as a kids room decoration as well. Behind each doll, there is a story, and each story starts in its new home. Your family will love a Mints and Mills handmade doll.

Forest creatures make the perfect companion for your young ones. There are bunnies, foxes, raccoons, and more to choose from, with each one ready to take on the role of your youngsters’ best friend. Lifelong memories are made with our dolls, and we would love to have your family share in them. Your kids will love a ballerina or forest creature to call their own take with them on their imaginary adventures.

The quality of these dolls is exquisite. Each one is lovingly handcrafted, meaning every little nuance is intended. No two are alike, so your children will each have their own unique one of a kind dolls to call their own.

Decorating a nursery is a time-honored and cherished moment. Choosing the right colors, blankets, crib, and soft toys to represent the new world your baby is going to live in is an integral part of the preparation process. Adding one of our dolls to the room will not only brighten and lift the mood, but it will also let your child experience a sense of wonder and imagination as your young one grows and engages with the world around them.

As a nursery decoration, these dolls are perfect. They are also great as a young kids room decoration. Let a Mints and Mills doll into your little one’s life and see all the joy it brings.

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